Fun and easy RPG quest to Japanese fluency

Go on an adventure with characters you can’t help loving while they help you learn hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

No boring flashcards nor questions.
Available for iOS
A mock of the app on an iPhone
A crest saying JLRPG Quest
Welcome to the
Japanese Language RPG
Penguin-sensei gifting you snacks
This is Penguin-sensei
I’m Penguin-sensei teaching you hiragana (ひらがな). With me as your teacher, you will be the best student in the world.

If you need to recharge in between studying though, I prepared some snacks for you.
I may be old, but I’m full of katakana (カタカナ) wisdom to impart on you. I’m Otter-sensei.

I too have prepared snacks to help in your quest.
Otter-sensei gifting you snacks
This is Otter-sensei
The three kanji teachers gifting you snacks
This is Mika-sensei
This is Miki-sensei
This is Miku-sensei
Let us gift you an omamori, Japanese amulet, from our shrine to pray for your success.

We are Mika-sensei, Miki-sensei, and Miku-sensei. We’ll guide you on your kanji (漢字) journey.
Make friends (and foes)
as you complete quests
This is a bear character
This is a blob enemy
This is a cat character
This is the grandmother in the game
This is the character called Hanako
This is a kappa character
This is a pigeon character
This is a rock enemy
Screen and phone mocks of the Japanese RPG Quest
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